About Us

Devon (founder of Fae) holding two products

Fae Candle Co. was born from a deep love of books and imaginary worlds.

During 2020 I, like many others, really struggled with my mental health and trying to keep a positive outlook on the world that we had found ourselves in. I turned to books as a form of escapism and spent months lost in make believe worlds and on unthinkable quests. Later that year I had also found Tik Tok, and found that watching other people pour candles and wax melts was therapeutic and I wanted to give it a go. In July 2021 I was given a candle making kit, and after 6 months of constant product testing (aka, making my friends and family smell and burn so many candles), Fae was released to the world in January 2022.

We are a small batch, hand poured candle company who create signature fragrance blends inspired solely by mythological and literary locations. All of our candles are made with 100% soy wax, which is cleaner to burn, natural and biodegradable. We only use ingredients that are free of phthalates, vegan and cruelty free and are working to reach a point where our packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or biodegradable as well.

Every product that you receive is poured and labelled by me in either my home in West Yorkshire or my partner’s in Lancashire, making Fae a perfect blend of the Pennines.

Thank you for visiting us.